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Traffic changes coming for Lucea, says Mayor

Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Mayor of Lucea Wynter McIntosh

Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator


Mayor of Lucea Wynter McIntosh says the Hanover Parish Council is taking steps to reduce traffic congestion in the town, particularly during peak hours.

"With respect to the traffic congestion, preliminary discussions have been held with the NWA (National Works Agency)," the mayor told Western Focus in an interview last week. "We want to look at the delivery hours for the town, and I think it was the deputy (mayor) that indicated that it should have been between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays; and on Fridays - no deliveries."

"In looking forward, too, I think with the exception of those establishments with ample parking, we should put either paid parking along Main Street, or no parking at all. And I think I am opting for the latter - no parking along that street. I want to see the day when that street is blocked off from vehicular traffic. So it is just a business street," he added.

2008 traffic arrangements

In 2008, the NWA had introduced new traffic arrangements in the town, which it said, at the time, was being undertaken "in a bid to reduce the growing problem of congestion" there.

The changes included the conversion of Millers Drive, Bigwell Lane, the Willie DeLisser Boulevard and Mosley Drive to one-way streets, in a bid to curb the traffic delays on Main Street during the morning and afternoon peak hours.

At the time, the NWA said this was "due to the corridor's inability to accommodate the volume of vehicular traffic at these times". However, the problem has escalated in recent times, due to road construction, compounded by the parking and movement of delivery trucks during peak hours, along the roadway.