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Published:Saturday | December 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Linval Williams
Paul Grenion
Sharon Williams

"What are your views on the changes that have taken place at the Charles Gordon Market over the past four years to improve the state of the facility?"

Linval Williams, chef

"I like the way things are these days. You can go in and out with very little fuss. You don't have the vendors in the roadway, and you don't have the garbage all over the place. The shopping experience is much better these days."

Paul Grenion, auto body specialist

"I really have to commend the St James Parish Council on a job well done. The market is clean, the vendors are operating in an orderly manner, and you don't have the many stray animals all over the place again. Trust me, it is a good look, and I like it."

Sharon Williams, cosmetologist

"It is now a joy to go shopping at the market. The place is clean, it smells good, and it looks like how a place where food is sold should be kept. In addition, the pickpockets, the petty thieves and the disorderly cartmen are all things of the past."