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Published:Saturday | December 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Myrtle Edwards
Samuel Buckley
Trevor Wright

As elderly folks who are familiar with old-time Christmas celebrations here in rural Jamaica (Wait-A-Bit), do you believe that Christmas has lost its true essence over the passing years?

Trevor Wright, 69-year-old farmer

Christmas is not the same as in yonder years. There was much more happiness back in the old days. There was also a greater sense of family throughout the community, with residents looking out for each other and sharing what they had.

Myrtle Edwards, 70-year-old farmer

People were free to go about in the early days, and while things were hard, we were all happy. Christmas was special because somehow, it did not seem to come around as quickly as it does these days.

Samuel Buckley, 53-year-old farmer

What is happening now is a big change from I was a youngster. Nobody is showing any real care for their neighbour anymore. Christmas has become far too commercialised, and, as a result, everybody seems to be looking out for themselves alone.