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Sidewalk needed at Negril All-Age

Published:Saturday | December 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Section of the roadway near Negril All-Age School that needs a sidewalk.

Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator

WESTERN BUREAU:Members of the Negril Resort Board have expressed concern about a section of the West End roadway in the vicinity of the Negril All-Age School which, they say is an accident zone.

The matter was extensively discussed at the recent monthly meeting of the board, after Clive 'Kubba' Pringle, operator of the MXIII Lawn in Negril's West End, complained that students of the school were at risk of being hit by motor vehicles while using the roadway.

"West End is a part of the Negril community - we have kids, we have schools. The kids don't have a sidewalk to walk on. There is even a section that is called 'murder corner', and that is what we should be upset about. Our kids don't have a sidewalk; they have to be skipping cars!" Pringle said.

Operator of the Charela Inn, Daniel Grizzle said the board had, in the past, asked for a sidewalk one mile from the square to West End to be done along with phase two of the shared-use pathway, but this had not yet been done, as official access to land from a nearby church was needed in order to create the walkway.

"I think we really should send a strong application to the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF). How can we sort of push this thing and make it serious? Because any day we could have a child crushed to death in that corner," he said.

"One of the things holding back the sidewalk is to get permission. Our MP decided that he would deal with the issue, so we should also send him an urgent letter. Write him and copy TEF, so he can get his part of the job done," Grizzle added.

Chairman of the board, Cliff Reynolds said he, too, was gravely perturbed, and that the sidewalk needed to be put in place with a sense of urgency. He added that a request has been made for the sidewalk to be constructed under the upcoming phase two of the Negril Shared-use Pathway project.

"We want the sidewalk and it has to go in," Reynolds said. "I have seen so many incidents right before the school and I have made several efforts to get a pedestrian crossing. I have even tried to suggest 'let us have parking on the other side'. The school is badly located and among the things that we need to do is, we have to put in at least a sidewalk. It should have been from 10 years ago."