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SDA Pastor calls on Christians to be humble

Published:Saturday | January 10, 2015 | 12:00 AMKarrie Williams
Evangelist Dr. Abraham J. Jules.
Members of the congregation at the West Jamaica Conference for Seventh Day Adventists, 2014 Camp Meeting, held at the West Jamaica Conference Auditorium in Mount Salem, Montego Bay last Saturday.


International Seventh-day Adventist evangelist and pastor, Dr Abraham J. Jules, last Saturday gave a strong warning to those church members whom he cited as guilty of being boastful and condescending, and failing to treat everyone as equals.

Dr Jules, who is based in New York, made the comments during his main address at the close of the West Jamaica Conference for Seventh-day Adventists 2014 Camp Meeting, held at the West Jamaica Conference Auditorium in Mount Salem, Montego Bay.

"We got too many cocky Christians," the pastor said. "There are some folks in your church who won't talk to you. And the reason they won't talk to you is because they feel they are better than you. There are some folks who will not invite certain people to their houses because they feel you are not at their level, but let me tell you this, you are just a few hours away from the grave, where all of us are at the same level."


"Don't you think you've made it so far because you are so proficient. It had nothing to do with your ingenuity; it had to do with the faithfulness of God ... that's why you got to be careful how you treat people. You better stop looking down on folks because you are who you are today only by the grace of God. Stop acting like you're better than folks because you got a degree, its God's goodness that gave you the opportunity," he added.

The minister who currently presides over the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in New York, also called on the congregation to take personal responsibility for the outcome of their lives and to refrain from casting blame on others.

grave concern

"Most of the problems we have in our lives, you can trace back, not to a lack of God's faithfulness but to some of our foolishness ... every time I get stabbed in the back, my fingerprints are on the knife, because of my own foolishness. God's been faithful, but you've been foolish ... we have been our own worst enemies," he said.

Jules also said the increasing number of single mothers in Jamaica and across the world is a cause for grave concern, and that this challenge was partly because of the failure of their male partners to honour their parental responsibilities.

"God always finishes whatever He starts. Notice, He says, great is His faithfulness. We can't say that of ourselves because we don't always do what we say and we don't always sustain what we create," he said. "That's why the courts in this land and everywhere else are filled with women seeking child support. We can create some stuff, but we don't always sustain what we create and we don't finish what we start."

Members of the Seventh-day Adventist faith worldwide have been conducting camp meetings for more than a century. The convocations, which are held annually are spiritual renewal gatherings for members of the church and their guests. They are held for either a 10-day period and consists of seminars and sermons which teach biblical principles, healthier lifestyles as well as practical principles.