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Lucea goats trigger debate at Hanover Parish Council meeting

Published:Saturday | January 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Lester Crooks

There was an amusing but somewhat heated debate during the recent monthly meeting of the Hanover Parish Council between councillor of the Riverside Division, Lester Crooks and deputy mayor of Lucea, Neville Clare, over whether or not there is an influx of goats in the capital town.

The exchange between the two began after councillor of the Cauldwell Division, Anthony Walker, told chairman of the council, Wynter McIntosh, that he was concerned about the number of goats that he has seen galloping around the town on a daily basis.

Walker called on the council to find "a way to get rid of the goats", as the animals are obstructing traffic and causing motorists to have "difficulty going through the streets of Lucea".


utilise the stray goats


"I am sure that certain times in the morning and late afternoon they are there a lot. I am gonna ask your permission to sit with the Lucea councillor so that I can make some arrangement as to how - not to get rid of - but to utilise the stray goats," Walker stressed.

He was immediately supported by Crooks, a former mayor, who had, in the past, waged numerous campaigns to get rid of goats in the town, while serving as council chairman.

"Ah bwoy," Crooks said. "The matter with the stray animals in the town of Lucea needs to be dealt with now. It is not yesterday but now, because when you speak of the town of Lucea, you speak of the council, you know. Therefore, what's supposed to be done in Lucea needs to be done, and stop smiling about that; no smiling about that. It is a serious issue."

Clare, in response, denied that goats are roaming the town. He said the only animals which can be seen within the town in the days are stray dogs.

"As for the question of stray animals, I want to be categorically clear that whereas we have a problem with the dogs - because that is evident - goats are not. Within the outskirts of Lucea, you might find goats - stray animals - especially going up East Avenue. It doesn't really create such a big problem. So, I don't know how it can be said we have an influx of goats in the town," Clare stated before being interrupted by Crooks.


goats all over


"Yes man! Yes man!" Crooks interjected. "There are goats. There are goats all ova; all ova Lucea; all ova Lucea, believe you me. If you go in the town by 6 o' clock, you see the goat dem come. They feed and then they are gone. You understand? And I run them several mornings, Mr Chairman, several mornings. I run dem. I teck up stone fi run dem outa di place that I have there. I am certain of that. Despite Crooks' protests, Clare would not relent.

"Although you hear Councillor Crooks saying that, I am not seeing any influx of goats in the town of Lucea," he declared. The discussion ended after Mayor McIntosh stated that he would meet with the councillors to resolve the issue. "Deputy Councillor Walker, you and myself will sit and discuss where the goats are coming in, when the goats are coming in, and how we can deal with it ASAP," the mayor said.

- C.G.