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Published:Saturday | January 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Leonard Sharpe, contractor,
Elaine Bradley
Lucea businessman, Orlando 'Salla' Knibb.

What can the authorities do to curtail the number of fatal motor bike accidents involving young men and adolescents male riders within the Lucea to Negril area?

Elaine Allen-Bradley, retired intensive care nurse

I think they should train and help them to have road knowledge, because they don't have knowledge. For example, they will pull out in front of cars without concern for their safety. There should be a mandatory training school offering proper riding lessons, just like they have training schools for cars. And the riders should be mandated to take a test. The police should try and confiscate the illegal bikes, and deal with those who are not wearing helmets. Because when they crash and get serious injuries, they end up clogging up the health system.

Orlando Knibb, businessman

Regularise them. They (bikes) need to be dealt with like cars, because they are considered motor vehicles under the law, and so the same rules apply. I hardly see any bikes at the vehicle examination depot, yet there are so many here in Hanover. Right now you can just go to the 'Chinie-man' shop and buy a bike, just like how you would buy a bicycle. That is not right. They must be licenced and insured before they leave the dealer just like you have to do when you are buying a car."

Leonard Sharpe, contractor

We have to make sure the bikes are roadworthy, licenced and insured, and have their learners licence and the way they ride on the road is not harmful to other road users. Most of the bikes are not insured.