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Published:Saturday | January 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Photo by Claudia Gardner Renee McPherson flashes her winning smile at the LIME Montego Bay Jerk Festival on Emancipation Day.

What can the authorities do to curb public urination in the town centres?

Renee McPherson - media worker:

They need to install more public restrooms, particularly in the vicinities that people are using as urinals. It is unsanitary and people can pick up germs that way. You should not have to be walking the streets and have to inhale those kinds of odours. It is unsanitary, because people who touch the walls that they urinate on can get germs. They should have people who go around and ticket people for urinating, just like how they want to ticket people for ganja".

Steven Rivierie - tour operator:

Provide more facilities. I don't think there should be a cost to use sanitary conveniences; these things should be free of charge. It is a part of preserving public health and wellness because people need to be able to wash their hands frequently. If you go to the library, to the airport and other places it is free to use the bathrooms. We are all taxpayers, so this should be provided as a public service, just as we do other social amenities. There should also be public education".