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What can persons do to curb illicit fires?

Published:Saturday | February 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Donald Campbell
Councillor for the Cauldwell division Anthony Walker


What can persons do to curb illicit fires?


Anthony Walker, Councillor, Cauldwell division

"Farmers need to try to stop the slash and burn activities in preparing land for farming. If it has to be done, it needs to be properly monitored. One of the big problems we have is with persons smoking and then tossing the cigarettes, sometimes from their vehicles. Especially in the dry season and in particularly windy conditions, once a cigarette goes in a dry patch it can cause exponential damage. Sometimes little things like those, people don't realise the damage they can cause so we might need to have more public education."

Donald Campbell, Bee Farmer, Riverside

Farmers Group:

"Persons need to stop lighting the fires in farming areas because of the economic effect bush fires have on persons involved in agriculture. Persons like myself who have bees are affected, as its disrupts the bee activities during the pollination process and the bees do not do any work. The fires are affecting agricultural lands and people who are lighting the fires they don't know the damage they are causing. Yam farmers, cane farmers, people who do cash crops and have fruit trees are affected. Even the people who reap turmeric are impacted. The perpetrators do it to clear places as walkways. It is totally unnecessary. And some are just idle."