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Custos demands clean-up of Falmouth

Published:Thursday | March 5, 2015 | 6:13 AMKarrie Williams
Custos of Trelawy, Paul Muschett.
Evadne Brown-McKellar, president of the Falmouth Craft Vendors Association.


Custos of Trelawny Paul Muschett has joined the list of stakeholders in western Jamaica, who are decrying the current conditions of Falmouth as unsanitary, and who are calling for a complete clean-up of the town.

"The truth is that this country is filthy and tourists don't like to see filth... The port is spotless and the tourists don't want to come out of an area that is sterile and spotless and come out and try to support you if the place is filthy, smells bad and they are getting harassed," Muschett said.

The custos was speaking at a recent meeting convened by the Falmouth Art and Craft Association, which was geared towards sensitising stakeholders about Falmouth's unsterile conditions and other pressing issues are affecting business operations in the town.

He told craft vendors that in light of Falmouth's growing popularity as a cruise ship destination, the time had come for them to put pressure on the agencies mandated to clean.

"It behoves you to put pressure on whomever it is to keep Falmouth clean. There is no excuse for garbage and excrement and filthy water in the town, so whomever is responsible for all those things, including the general public, need to feel your pressure to clean up the town," he said.

But Mayor of Falmouth Garth Wilkinson told Western Focus that there was a cleaning programme in the town under which its streets are washed and the drains cleaned on a monthly basis.

"Falmouth is one of the few towns in Jamaica where you have to do a wash down every month. You have to wash the streets of the town, you have to flush all the drains, you have to have a serious maintenance programme because all the grey water from businesses and homes come onto the main road, which is what is sad about the town, but we have to find ways make the town better," he said.

However, contrary to the mayor's claims, Evadne Brown-McKellar, president of the Falmouth Craft Vendors Association, said the last cleaning of the town was carried out in October 2013 to mark the inaugural visit of the Disney cruise line to the port.

"I am very concerned over the town. I suggested to the mayor to even get a fire truck to wash the streets on ship days, especially those that are closer to the pier because that is where the scent is most obnoxious... but they have not been washing the town, not even once a month. The last time I remember the town was washed was when Disney came here for the first time. They wash the town and covered the drains," she said.