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Da-One says 2015 is his year

Published:Saturday | March 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Lucea-based artiste DaOne performs one his tracks at the Nuchie Studio at Seaview Drive in Lucea on Sunday.
Lucea artiste DaOne and producer Darren 'Nuchie' Grant share a joke in studios in Lucea on Sunday.


Since he was a teenager in grade nine attending Jamaica College, western Jamaica-based artiste Da-One had been penning his own songs.

Da-One, whose given name is Kahlil Coley, has his roots in Stonehenge, near Cambridge in rural St James, and, like his fellow parishioners, Jimmy Cliff and Jesse Royal, he hopes to make it big musically.

"I grew up in 'pineapple country' in St James and attended Barracks Road Primary School, then Cornwall College, before heading to Kingston to live with my mother," Da-One told Western Focus.

It was in Kingston that he met the late dancehall artiste, Simpleton, a friend of his mother, who piqued his interest in the art form, resulting in his dedicating much of his time to songwriting.

Fast-forward to 2015, and Da-One, who returned to Jamaica in 2007 after residing in the Bahamas for several years, is currently recording out of the popular Nuchie studios, located in Lucea, Hanover.


His first recording, though, was in 2009, a song titled I made it, on a Montego Bay-based label, a tune he wrote at the tender age of 14.

The death of a close friend in 2012 propelled the singer to return to studios after a three-year hiatus, recording what was his second song, titled Now You're Gone. He later followed up with Real Friends, an ode to true, long-lasting friendship. His more current tunes include Finally free, which focuses on the achievement of his ultimate goals and having a comfortable life, free of negative influences and detractors.

Da-One describes himself as an eclectic artiste, and his growing repertoire spans dancehall and hip-hop fusions. Since signing with Nuchie records, he has voiced approximately 15 songs, 14 of which were produced last year.

Some of his current dancehall songs include the catchy and smooth Da new year yah, a song aimed at motivating persons to fearlessly and persistently pursue their goals; Real Nice Party; and Jah Guide, a combination with H-Hell, a local artiste from Cascade in the parish.

"I try to make my music the type of music you can dance to, make you enjoy yourself and the girls enjoy themselves," he explained.

"I will never do a song that tells youths to engage in violence, or hurting anyone", he said.

Going forward, Da-One hopes to make his big break in the music industry. He has appeared on several stage shows within Hanover, and says he is pushing towards making this year his year to shine.