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Published:Saturday | March 28, 2015 | 12:16 AM
Jqacquiline Hyde
Abigail Anderson
Kaylene McKenzie

Do you believe the Montego Bay Freezone is meeting its mandate in terms of creating employment for Jamaicans?

Jacquiline Hyde - secretary

"No...I don't believe the government is not providing sufficient jobs through the freezone...based on where Jamaica was ranked up to just six years ago..we should be employing more than just 17,000 persons in the BPO industry at this time...we really need to do better..

Kaylene McKenzie - Accountant

"No, they are not providing sufficient jobs...they are not fulfilling their mandate. And even those who are employed in the freezone are not being paid in line with their level of qualification. Attracting investment to Jamaica based on a low salary labour force benefits the investors not the Jamaican people."

Abagail Anderson - Accountant

"Yes..they are doing great....they are employing a lot of young people and that is what Jamaica need. I am nonetheless concerned about the turnover rate, which seems a little bit high to me. The sad thing is that there is not a great deal of stability because persons regularly move on to seek better paying jobs."