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Vox pop - Do you believe enough is being done to control Montego Bay's perennial crime problem, especially murder?

Published:Friday | April 3, 2015 | 11:02 PMAdrian Frater

Gloria Henry - assistant vice-president of operations, Port Authority of Jamaica

This is the tourism capital so crime will always be a concern. We had a presentation by the hierarchy of the Area One police high command at a recent Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting and it would appear the police are moving beyond the traditional ways of combating crime. They are more technically inclined and such an approach must be commended.

Kathi Cooke - communication specialist, JPS

Based on the resources at the disposal of the security force, it could be argued that they are doing a commendable job. However, despite the lack of resources, their achievements will count for nothing until I feel safe to stand in my own yard at 6 o'clock in the evening.

Dr Susaye Rattigan - clinical psychologist

I really don't think enough is being done. The tell tale sign is that crime is on the increase in this region. There is not enough police presence in the public domain and our crime fighters are mostly reactive.

I believe the current spate of crime is as a result of the lack of value of the human life and an unrealistic urgency among our citizenry to get wealth at any cost.