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Ex-con remanded for phone theft

Published:Saturday | April 4, 2015 | 12:00 AMChristopher Thomas


Resident Magistrate Natalie Hart-Hines ordered on Monday that a man who appeared before the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court for stealing a woman's cell phone be remanded in custody after it was revealed that he had recently served a prison sentence.

Charged with larceny of the person is Anthony Russell of a Montego Bay address. He pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge, and was subsequently remanded until May 13, when he will be sentenced.

The court was told that Russell accosted the female complainant and robbed her of a white Samsung Galaxy cellular phone. It was not disclosed when the alleged incident took place.

Following his guilty plea, Russell explained that he subsequently returned the phone to the complainant.

"I took it because of idleness, and then I gave it back to her (complainant)," said Russell.

Moments later, however, the court was told that Russell had a previous conviction, although it was not disclosed on what charge he had been convicted.

"I was informed by the officer that the accused man was recently released from prison," Clerk of the Court Yanique Henry told Hart-Hines.

"For the same thing?" Hart-Hines asked Russell.

"No, Madam," Russell answered.

"I will sentence you on May 13, so you are remanded until then. A social enquiry report and criminal records are also requested," said Hart-Hines prior to Russell being taken out of the courtroom.