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Vox-pop: How has the removal of key amenities in Green Island affected you?

Published:Saturday | April 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Marcel Bogle:

If the post office was open, we would not have to travel to Lucea so often. Everything you have to go to Lucea. If you want to pay your light bill you have to go to Lucea... spending extra money for taxi fare. Sometimes the older people can hardly make it, but they have to push their way through to collect their little pension. This has made the town more backward than it was before."

Stacy-ann Paisley:

"It affects us financially because time is hard and you have to pay bus fare to go to market or to use the library. We suffer here in Green Island because many times you get bills late, and have to pay late fees. Most people don't understand the internet, where they could access their bills online, so they have to take taxis to Lucea post office. Sometimes they don't get any bills, or the bills come one day before it is due, when they don't have the money with them at the time. So it's draining us financially and emotionally. It is inconvenient to everybody and is costing us money, energy and time.