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Question: Do you believe enough is being done to help the homeless and mentally ill living on the streets of Montego Bay?

Published:Friday | April 24, 2015 | 11:01 PM
Delovan Daley

Sandra Munroe-Clarke: educator

I know of an overnight shelter at Albion for the homeless and I know they get help through poor relief, but a lot more can be done to help them. Serious effort should be made towards health care, which would facilitate them being incorporated back into mainstream society.

Sherika Samuels, customer service representative:

I think whoever is responsible for the issue can do better. Feeding them, alone, does not help because sleeping on the street is very hard. I want to see something tangible being done to better their situation. Despite their circumstances, they are human beings.

Delovan Daley, fruit vendor:

"As far as how I see it, I do not think much more can be done, because the 'mad man' goes out and begs and will probably go out and buy coke with the money he gets ... so they won't get better."