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'She refuses to do it'

Published:Saturday | April 25, 2015 | 4:00 AM
Freddie McGregor

Western Bureau:

A new musical concept, designed to bring back live music to the city of Montego Bay, will unfold tonight with the first offering in a series dubbed 'We are Reggae: Unplugged', at the scenic Doctor's Cave Beach on the city's Hip Strip.

"The idea behind 'Unplugged' is to afford patrons the opportunity to experience live performances without the filter of complex stage production," said reggae artiste/actor Peter Lloyd of the 'We are Reggae' team. "This is an acoustic set that will present some of Jamaica's most iconic and beloved performers in a very intimate format."

"... It is noteworthy that, as it stands, there are no regular live music reggae showcases in Montego Bay, the nation's tourism capital," added Lloyd. "We intend to make 'Unplugged' the fix for that situation.

In a bid to start the event with a bang, while emphasising the intent on featuring the very best local acts, tonight's performer will be the iconic Freddie McGreggor, the captain of the Big Ship and the owner of a fantastic catalogue, which dates back over 40 years.

"We are starting with Freddie McGreggor because he is easily one of our most love reggae artistes," said Lloyd. "He is a prolific hit-maker and he is always a hit with the fans, especially the ladies. We are looking for an unforgettable performance from him on Saturday night (tonight)."

trademark hits

In fact, if one should examine the Freddie McGregor catalogue, it contains a string of trademark hits to include the likes of Big Ship, Push Come to Shove, Bobby Babylon, Loving Pauper, Sitting in the Park and We Got Love, among others.

"With a target audience of 300-400 attendees per show, and iconic names such as Freddie McGregor, 'Unplugged' presents a unique branding opportunity to be associated with a new entertainment offering," said Lloyd.

The venue, a scenic delight for visitors to the island for over 40 years, will feature a 10x10 stage erected on the main deck of the Doctor's Cave complex (restaurant), affording the audience close proximity to the artiste.

"The concerts will commence at 9 p.m., and run for an hour, with a 20-minute break mid-set," said Lloyd. "Provisions will be made for the video recording of the concert to be re-broadcast both locally and internationally. The furthest a patron will be from the artiste performing is approximately 25 metres. In addition, the artiste will access the stage by walking though the audience, giving the patrons unusual proximity to these legends of reggae."

Among the acts already confirmed for upcoming stagings of 'Unplugged' are the likes of the firebrand Sizzla, I Octane, dancehall queen Lady Saw, Peter Lloyd and the 'girl's dem sugar', Beenie Man.

- A.F.