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Published:Tuesday | May 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Suzette Samuels
Chad Bryan
Colin Hall
Carlton Forrest

Should the residents of Big Bridge, Westmoreland, especially the fisherfolk, be compensated for

their loss of income on account of the dunder pollution, which has rendered the Cabarita River all but useless?

Chad Blair

taxi operator

Yes. They should be compensated because fishing is their job ... . It is what they live on. The pollution is a very bad thing for everybody, but these (the fisherfolk) are the people who should be properly compensated.

Suzette Samuels

George's Plain resident

I am a former Frome [Sugar Estate] employee and I am aware of the situation. Dumping dunder in

the river is wicked, and yes, the people should be compensated for their financial losses. ... Some of them are struggling now to provide for their family ... . They should get something.

Colin Hall

Big Bridge resident

Of course, they should get something because not only are they losing money, but their health is at risk because of what they have to inhale.It is a huge loss as far as income is concerned.

Carlton Forrest


Frome sugar factory is the culprit here. They not only need to talk to us, but they need to do something about the current situation. It is very bad for health and our financial losses need to be addressed.