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Vox pop - Do you understand the role, function and day-to-day responsibilities of the Montego Bay Marine Park?

Published:Tuesday | May 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Norma Lee
Kadia Campbell
Gillian Malcolm
Jessica Malcolm
Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh, Pharmacy technician

"No, I don't. A lot of Jamaicans are not really into marine stuff... . I don't know anything about the Montego Bay Marine Park."


Norma Lee

"The only thing I know is that, that section is pure sea. I know when the Old Hospital was out there, but nothing more."


Jessica Malcolm, settlement officer

"I guess it's there to protect marine life and its environs and to educate those who operate businesses within that environment."


Kadia Campbell

"Where is the Marine Park? I am not sure what its function is. I guess they are not effective because, if they were, we would be hearing about them."


Gillian Malcolm, nurse

"I think I understand the role of the marine park in terms of its responsibilities in regards to protecting marine life and the environment. However, I can't say they are doing a good job, because the evidence is just not there to show that they are doing so."