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Published:Tuesday | June 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Warren Johnson
Rayven Amani
Henzel Cameron
Sandra Munroe-Clarke
Bevan 'Duke of Earle' Earle
Dennis Meadows



The Inter-American Development Bank-St James Parish Council's 'Montego Bay Action Plan,' will see approximately J$180 billion being spent over the next 15 years to modernise the city and make it sustainable. What are your views on it?




If the money is spent prudently, honestly, conscientiously and with a well-thought-out plan and the

requisite due diligence, I would applaud it. In fact, I would most certainly be looking toward the day when it will all become a reality.

- Warren Johnson, media personality

The city really needs this. It is long overdue. We gained city status many years ago, but the basic infrastructure has not moved on beyond that of a

regular town. I want this city to become modernised and sustainable, so I am supporting the plan.

- Sandra Munroe-Clarke, businesswoman


Montego Bay needs urgent infrastructural renewal. The focus should be on improving the road network, traffic

management, giving more attention to the storm drains and gullies, expanding the green areas, and formalising the informal settlements. This significant investment should change the face of Montego Bay and its environs.

- Dennis Meadows, co-convener of CAPI


This is long overdue but better late than never. I am hoping that there will be transparency and good oversight because for too long, we have

seen where funds allocated for projects are basically wasted because politics gets in the way and creates problems.

- Bevan 'Duke of Earle' Earle, broadcaster-investor


It sounds Ok to me. In fact, it sounds quite good. I like the fact that there seems to be some amount of action driving this plan. I do hope they will include the right people who can bring this plan to reality. It is about time something meaningful is done to improve Montego Bay.

- Rayven Amani, singer-project consultant


It is an excellent idea. If properly implemented, Montego Bay could become the thriving Mecca it has the potential to be. I do hope it will have, as a major component, the relocation of

certain buildings, the expansion and improvement of our drainage systems, and the removal of zinc fences.

- Henzell Cameron, entrepreneur