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Published:Monday | December 14, 2015 | 11:07 PM
Gregory King
Natasha Billings
Malawi Palmer
DeVaughn Dobson

In light of the numerous jailbreaks in western Jamaica in recent times, do you believe the authorities are doing enough to ensure the structural integrity of our lock-ups to prevent prisoners from escaping?

Gregory King, entrepreneur:

I think the authorities are doing enough. However, they need to develop a foolproof system at these facilities (lock-ups). There have been too many jailbreak so those in charge should do more to keep the prisoners where they ought to be: behind bars.

Malawi Palmer, administrator:

No. they are not doing enough. This (jailbreaks) is happening too often and it seems to happen close to Christmas a lot. A lot more needs to be done. It seems someone could be complicit in these things happening so often.

Natasha Billings, administrator:

This is a sad situation that is happening too frequently. It often leads one to think that someone in authority is conspiring with these criminal elements why this cannot be curtailed. It is evident that enough is not being done."

DeVaughn Dobson, planning coordinator:

No. The authorities are not doing enough to safeguard criminals in these lock-ups. The same amount of effort that goes into crime-fighting should also go into making these facilities impenetrable.