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Published:Tuesday | December 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Anthony Bailey
Curtis Taylor
Oshane Leon
Lexon Samuels

Do you agree with the view that the Church has failed to reach Jamaica's youths?

Oshane Leon, 20

"Yes. The Church has failed. Because when you look in the schools, where most youths are, you can't really find anyone who goes to church or even know much, and those who do barely know anything about God. The Church isn't present enough in the schools."

Curtis Taylor, 21

"I don't believe the church has failed the nation's youths. In today's society, norms have a massive impact on the youths who want success by all means. So they are willing to go out for that, whether doing good or bad. The Church tries to influence youths ... and we have to give them credit for reaching out."

Lexon Samuels, 20

"I don't believe it has failed the youths. There is just not enough effort being made to encourage the youths of the nation to take the Church more seriously."

Anthony Bailey, 22

"No. The Church has not failed the youths. The nation and the youths failed. The Church is the body of Christ. Agreeing that the Church failed us, is saying that Christ failed us. It is clear, though, that many pastors and church congregations can do much more to help our young people instead of scaring them off."