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Vox pop for Western Focus

Published:Tuesday | January 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Gloria Henry
Hyacinth Shakes-Warren

What do you think should be done to improve banana farming in western Jamaica?

"You would have to use the older and seasoned farmers. Young people are not inclined to enter farming because of the 'easy money' ... they have to be willing and trainable. If we can get the youth to buy into RADA's planning, then we'd have better production in banana and other crops."

- Hyacinth Shakes-Warren, farm manager

"I know South St James was one of the prime banana areas before Hurricane Gilbert, and more could be done to stimulate growth in that area. I understand the road in areas such as Amity Hall is being improved for sugar production, and they could capitalise on that."

- Gloria Henry - president, Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce

"The sector could use more help from the Government to really bring it on stream, including the provision of land, irrigation, and lower costs on fertiliser for the smaller farmers."

- Jerry Warner , farmer

"The Government should help more small farmers with subsidies and banana plants, because most of the farmers don't plant bananas, they plant cane. The Government needs to put more emphasis in helping the small farmers, then they will get more out of it."

- Leonard Sharpe, vice-president, Hanover Parish Development Committee

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Christopher Thomas