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Vox pop for Western Focus

Published:Tuesday | February 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Dale Ballentine
Shannon Williams
Lemon Depass
Ladane Gardner

Are you in agreement with the decision by the St James police to remove commercial sex workers from the streets of the western city?

Lemon Depass, workforce analyst

"Yes, because one, it is illegal; Two, it seems to be getting out of control; and three, it is so public and in your face."

Dale Ballentine, chef

"I think prostitution is the least of the many problems in Montego Bay and the police should focus their efforts on major crimes that plague the city. Leave prostitution to the Ministry of Health and other ministries."

Shannon Williams, waitress

"I do not agree that we should get them

off the street ... only the underage ones them. Let the older ones do as they please, they are adults and they should know what they want."

Ladane Gardner, receptionist

"Taking the prostitutes off the streets is one thing, but after that, what's next? Bear in mind that many of these people are without an education and due to our current economy situation, unemployment has skyrocketed. If after taking them off the streets, they will assist them with skills and employment, that is good, but if they are just going to remove them from the street without any alternative, I think that is rubbish."