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Vox pop for Western Focus

Published:Tuesday | March 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Omar Jolly
Ruby Ellis
Dwayne Vaz
Selvin Bingham
Ashley-Ann Foster

The sights

and sounds of

election day

On election day, The Gleaner team was on the ground in western Jamaica, capturing the sights and sound as electoral activities unfolded. Here are some of the interesting quotes that we got from party supporters and candidates.

"All a mi friend dem a PNP supporters, but me a diehard Labourite and nobody can tell me fi change. If a the last breath me have fi blow and mi fi go vote, me ago vote fi the JLP."

- Selvin 'Rat' Bingham, St James

"There is no truth to the claim (of electoral fraud by her opponent).... we don't believe in that, so the reference could not be about my campaign. Things are going pretty good for us and we are confident of victory."

- Ashley-Ann Foster, PNP candidate, Central St James

"In addition to my age (93 years old), I am blind in both eyes and getting around is not easy. Me is a Labourite all my life ... I love (Alexander) Bustamante and I love Eddie Seaga, and I always look forward to voting all my life."

- Ruby Ellis, JLP supporter, St James

"Despite the fact that I am wheelchair-bound, I decided to come out and cast my vote because I feel that the PNP is the better party. When PNP is in power, you have more work and more money."

- Omar Jolly, PNP supporter in Eastern Hanover

"Interestingly enough, based on the news we are getting, it would appear that the undecided voters have finally made up their minds and are breaking for the PNP."

- Dwayne Vaz, MP for Central Westmoreland