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Vox Pop: At what stage do you think children should be introduced to agriculture in our school system?

Published:Tuesday | April 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Dawnette Kerr
Olivia Sewell
Ras Dawit
Carla Ledgister

Dawnette Kerr, library assistant

"From grade four, at the primary school level, so they will become well-rounded students. Therefore, when they get to high school, they will have an appreciation for agriculture."

Olivia Sewell, firefighter

"From age five, at the basic-school level. Have them plant a one seed and see it grow, so they can get to like cultivating things. Because if everyone wants to do other professions, like doctors and nurses, there will be no farmers, so what will we all eat?"

Carla Legister, social worker

"From basic school. Because that is where they learn to appreciate where their food comes from and the importance of a farmer. Basic school is where children first learn about careers. So this is where it should start.

Ras Dawit, farmer

"I would suggest at the basic-school level. Because it will create an atmosphere of nurture and nature and from there, it would be accepted as a tradition, as a normality. Youths in their teens, if they are not brought up in it, they are not going to go into farming unless they are forced.