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Vox pop for Western Focus

Published:Tuesday | April 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Photo by Claudia Gardner Oran Davidson
Photo by Claudia Gardner Michael Muir
Photo by Claudia Gardner Yanesha Blake
Photo by Claudia Gardner Dwight McLaren


The following question was posed to residents of Hanover. Are you satisfied with the state of the municipal market in your parish capital?


"No. It is not sanitary and not conducive to food handling and people don't want to go in there. It needs to be washed out."

Oran Davidson - Bee farmer


"I am not satisfied. They need to improve the conditions so it can attract customers, even though I don't visit there often. People even break into the market and steal people's things because it is not secure."

Yanesha Blake - Agronomist


- I think it needs some improvement. Many persons tend to shop on the streets instead of in the market, because they say it is not smelling right and the sanitary conditions are not up to standard. They need to do something about that and then they will attract more people into the market."

Dwight McLaren - Vegetable farmer


"No, because Lucea market looks bad. It needs a whole heap of work. It needs to paint up, light up, freshen up. A whole heap of garbage is in there. They need to burn them up or something."

Michael Muir - vegetable farmer