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Published:Monday | May 9, 2016 | 11:01 PM
Kristan Dunkley
Mark Salmon
Rohan James
Jordon Brown
Dwayne Lawrence

Given the club's recent success, do you think it was a good move when businessman Orville Powell rebranded Seba United as Montego Bay United FC four years ago?


Dwayne Lawrence, football fan.

I believe it was a good move because, since then, they have been really successful and are also part of the fabric of Montego Bay the city. They have won two titles in three years and that is great for Montego Bay.

Rohan James, mason.

I don't really follow football, but I am growing to like this MBU team. I used to watch some of Seba games, and now that the name of the club has changed to MBU, I believe that it was a great move because now the club can truly identify with Montego Bay the city.

Jordan Brown, student.

I am a young man in school, but I do love and play football; so, yes, I think the name change was a good thing. First, it allows people to identify with a good club, like Liverpool FC in England, plus they keep winning titles.

Mark Salmon, student

Most of the players on the MBU squad are from Montego Bay, so I support them. I also believe that the change of name was a brilliant move. Players and supporters are now seen as part of the club and that is good for MBU.

Kristan Dunkley, football fan.

Do I think it was a good thing that Seba United changed their name to MBU? Of course I do! It probably was a good thing, because if you look at what they have accomplished in a short time, you would see that the name fits perfectly with what they are trying to become.