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The Tranquil Way | Urinating too often?

Published:Thursday | May 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Going to the bathroom to pass urine can be disruptive to daily activities and sometimes sleep. Urinating often also raises concerns about possible health problems, so most persons seek medical attention.

Passing urine often can be due to excessive production of urine. This can be due to medications, drinking excessive amounts of water, diabetes or kidney failure.

There are medications that increase the rate of urination such as diuretics. This can sometimes discourage persons from taking the medication. Alcohol and caffeine can have a similar effect. An individual may also drink excessive amounts of water, or other drink, and may not realise that they cause excessive urination.




Diabetes can also cause excessive urination as sugar in the urine pulls water and salt along with it. This can lead to dehydration. Some forms of kidney failure can also lead to excessive urination.

Excessive inflammation in the urinary tract can also lead to frequent urination. In this case, there is usually discomfort/pain on urination. There may even be blood in the urine in the case of infections, which may occur in the bladder or kidney.

The amount of urine passed, in this case, is usually smaller than usual. Inflammation may be inside the bladder cavity or in the wall of the bladder. The inflammation may also be coming from other organs in the pelvis such as the prostate in men or uterus/Fallopian tubes in women.

Tumours, or other structures which reduce the amount of urine the bladder can hold, can also increase the frequency of urination. This is because the bladder fills up more quickly. The amount of urine passed in this case is usually smaller than usual but there is usually no discomfort.

Fibroids, pregnancy, bladder tumours and bladder stones can cause this. A stone may also cause obstruction of the flow of urine.

Any problem that prevents the bladder from emptying properly may also be a cause. These include nerve disorders and enlarged prostate. The amount of urine passed is usually smaller than usual. This situation can lead to frequent bladder infections.

Some nerve disorders can cause the bladder to empty too frequently (overactive bladder).

If the problem continues despite taking reasonable steps, see a doctor.