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Published:Tuesday | May 31, 2016 | 12:18 AMAdrian Frater
Robert Coates
Christine Suberan-Lewis
Kelly Tomblin

        While not getting as much support as they need, the Rose Heights community has nonetheless benefited from the input of many good Samaritans. Here are some quotes from The Gleaner's archives of persons who have helped.
                  The quotes

                      “Our main focus is on the children from age two to 12 years …  we are presenting them with these books as we believe that children should read more. They should begin to enjoy reading from early…”.
            — Christene Suberan-Lewis — president, Kiwanis Club of Montego Bay (2013)
  "We have chosen to support the homework centre as it allows us to deliver on our commitment to contribute to the education of our young while helping in the development of the wider community."                                  
                                   -Kelly Tomlin — JPS President and CEO (2013)
             "This is a noble honour — to serve my community, Rose Heights, the place that I was born and raised.  It is another milestone achievement, not only for me, but for the community (After being appointed as  Justice of the Peace).
         -Robert Coates- Guest service manager at Secrets (2011)