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Hosanna Prep's Jonathan was perfect in GSAT

Published:Tuesday | June 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMChristopher Thomas
Jonathan Morgan, head boy of Hosanna Preparatory School, with (from left) school administrator Carlene Dehaney, grade-six teacher Shammy Green-Dawkins, and principal Doreth Chambers.

After his achievements in the 2016 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), there is no question that 12-year-old Jonathan Morgan is now the pride and joy of Hosanna Preparatory School in Montego Bay.

In an unbelievable performance, young Jonathan did what many students could only dream of, and that is, he got a perfect 100 per cent in all five subjects of the GSAT.

The gifted youngster, who serves as the school's head boy and who is also an integral part of the school's Chess Club and Boy Scouts unit, told The Gleaner that while he made adequate preparations for the GSAT, he did not expect to get perfect scores in all five subjects - mathematics, science, social studies, language arts and communication task.




"I am a little overwhelmed as I expected to do well, but I did not expect to get all hundreds in all the subjects," said an obviously thrilled Jonathan.

"I basically prepared for the GSAT by reading over my notes when I came home from school. I did not attend any extra classes, except for the ones from school.

"After coming home from school, I would just do my homework and read over my notes a couple of times, and I studied by myself," added Jonathan.

Jonathan's committed drive to challenge himself scholastically has led him to select Campion College in Kingston as his first choice for high school.

"Right now, it is my dream to go to Campion College because I see Campion as a school that does very well academically. I also see it as a school that will challenge me academically, and there are extra-curricular activities there. I think I might be interested in them," said Jonathan.

Shammy Green-Dawkins, the grade-six teacher at Hosanna Preparatory, told The Gleaner that Jonathan was always meticulous, paying attention to detail in preparing for the GSAT.




"I am overjoyed and elated, but not surprised, because he has always performed outstandingly well," said Green-Dawkins. "He is very immaculate in his preparation; it is very rare he misses a point or two. He has outstanding leadership qualities, and he is a very outstanding and respected student."

Jonathan is just one of a host of students from his school who got enviable GSAT results. Four other students, Anaijha Powell, who achieved a 99.2 per cent average; Jada Glenn, 98.6 per cent; deputy head boy Nathan Morris, 98.4 per cent; and Joshua Waite, 98.2 per cent, were also exceptional.

Doreth Chambers, principal at Hosanna Preparatory, credited the success of Jonathan and his fellow students to their immense drive to learn.

"I have been relating to Jonathan since he was in grade five. He is a part of a group of students who are really hard-working," said Chambers. "When you mix that with having the right synergy between teachers and students, and having students who are committed and really excited about learning, then you are going to have that kind of success."