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Published:Tuesday | June 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jodi-Ann Groves
Okeam Morrison
Damaine Phillips
Lushane Williams

Based on the recent decision to decriminalise ganja in Jamaica, do you believe one should require a licence to grow the plant?


Lushane Williams, compliance validator

"Yes, the cannabis industry is an evolving industry with new mechanism and experiment being done daily. So a regulatory body for export and meeting international standards for a competitive market is needed."

Jodi-Ann Groves, secretary

"Yes, persons must have a licence to grow ganja, but it must not be hard to obtain. Without a licence, anybody can grow it, even children. When persons are properly licensed, if there is a breach it would be easily found out."

Damaine Phillips, university student

"I believe persons should be given a special licence to grow ganja. From an economical and medical prospective, It is obvious that ganja has incredible and very resourceful benefits ... we should seek to capitalise on this."

Okeam Morrison, sales representative

"Yes, we see some benefits of the plant and how it could contribute to our gross domestic product. Needless to say, it should in no way be difficult for citizens or farmers to tap into that market."