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Brown-Collymore retires after 41 years

Published:Wednesday | July 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMOkoye Henry
Retired senior teacher Albertina Brown-Collymore (second left) accepts a token of appreciation from the teachers of Grade Three. From left to right are as follows: Briton Lindsay, Kay-Marie Barrett, Moritta Cammock, and Margaret Harwood-Farquharson.

After giving 41 years of service to a profession that had become a labour of love for her, Albertina Brown-Collymore has finally called time on her career as a teacher. And in a show of gratitude, the John Rollins Success Primary School recently had a ceremony to honour her.

The well-attended farewell ceremony, which was held at the Rose Hall Basic School, saw Brown-Collymore, who spent the last 11 years of her career at the school, being showered with accolades by the school's board of governors, the principal, staff, parents, and students.

Brown-Collymore's last assignment at the school, which is arguably one of the most highly regarded primary schools in St James, was grade coordinator for grade 3.

"Mrs Brown-Collymore has made a significant impact on the school in terms of her teaching prowess and middle-management position," said the school's principal, Yvonne Miller-Wisdom, in praising her departing colleague.

"As one of the pioneering teachers, she carried out her duties effectively, delegated responsibilities, and really monitored to ensure they (the responsibilities) were executed effectively. She was also a role model for the other teachers and her students," added Miller-Wisdom.

The Ministry of Education (MOE), which was represented at the ceremony, echoed similar sentiments, noting that Brown-Collymore's retirement signalled a great loss not only to the school, but also to the education sector and the nation.

"Teachers like you are real assets that make ordinary children grow up into outstanding citizens," said education officer Yvonne Ward-Hardie, who represented the MOE. "I am sure your years of teaching will forever be treasured."

In response to the overwhelming cheers, support, and kind words from her former colleagues and friends, Brown-Collymore said her time spent at the institution would always be treasured.

The newly retired teacher noted that while she was leaving, feeling confident that the school was in the right hands, citing the hard work and dedication that were the hallmark of her 11 years at the school.

"The principal is second to none," said Brown-Collymore. "She is a visionary who pulls her teachers up and support their efforts to advance their careers."

Brown-Collymore began her teaching career in 1974 at Crescent All-Age in St Catherine as a pretrained teacher. She later moved on to the Bethel All-Age School in Hanover before heading off to teachers' college in 1976.

After completing her internship, Brown-Collymore joined the staff at Maldon High School in St James, where she spent 25 years. In 2004, she joined the staff at the John Rollins Success Primary School, which became her last teaching assignment.