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Published:Tuesday | July 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Sandra Munroe-Clarke
Cassandra Blake
Yvonne Lawrence
Livingston Brown

Do you believe the authorities are putting enough effort into keeping the beaches in Montego Bay clean and presentable?

Sandra Munroe-Clarke, businesswoman

"I really don't think so, there are no garbage receptacles on our beaches and people, including sellers, just scatter garbage wherever they choose to. I believe our beaches should be like parks with seating, where you could go and relax in pleasing surroundings.

Livingston Brown, technician

"We might have a few isolated cases, but for the most part, I believe the authorities will always make the effort to keep the beaches clean, especially since beaches are popular with the tourists, and as you know, they are always trying to keep the tourists happy."

Yvonne Lawrence, businesswoman

"Not at all. I don't see any major efforts being made to keep the beaches clean ... there are no garbage bins, no bathrooms ... people just dispose of their waste all over the place. We need to clean up the beaches and make them presentable.

Cassandra Blake, secretary

"The public ones are not getting the attention they should, that is why you are getting the complaints. I believe the authorities should have a special task force to clean up the beaches to ensure that they are in good order from a public health standpoint."