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Published:Tuesday | August 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Desmond Leakey
Richard Bourke
Dennis Seivwright
Dennis Meadows - JLP caretaker for North Trelawny

Over the years, several key stakeholders in Falmouth have lamented the failure of the authorities to follow through on development plans, which they feel would have repositioned the town to realise its fullest potential. Here are some of those quotes from The Gleaner's archive.

Desmond Leakey,

former MP for North Trelawny (2011)

"As long as the Trelawny Stadium remains under the current arrangement with Independence Park, it will never move from where it is. It needs its own management and its own promotion team to be viable. That was the original concept."

Richard Bourke, former Chamber of Commerce president (2012)

"We are not getting any significant number of tourists off the ship and a lot of things that have been promised, including the new transportation centre and upgrading of historical buildings, have not even started. This is after 12 months of cruise shipping operation."

Dennis Seivwright, former Chamber of Commerce president (2015)

"It is more about policies and a failure to implement these policies. I was president of the Chamber of Commerce at the time (Falmouth was getting ready for cruise shipping), and I walked door to door, encouraging businesses to make additional investment. I am now happy that many did not take my advice."

Dennis Meadows, JLP caretaker, North Trelawny (2016)

"Falmouth is bursting at its seams, in terms of parking. To get a space in Falmouth, if you want to go and shop, is a Herculean task ... the man or the woman who lives in Stonebrook, Holland Estate and Coral Springs would rather drive to Montego Bay to do commerce rather than do it in Falmouth."