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Vox pop -What recent developments/innovations in Jamaica’s agriculture sector are you most excited about?

Published:Tuesday | August 9, 2016 | 12:28 AMClaudia Gardner
Dwayne Clayton
Photo by Claudia Gardner Ray Kerr
Leonard Sharpe
Sharon Chambers

Sharon Chambers, Public Relations Practitioner:

"I am most excited about the opportunities ahead for the creation of spa products and neutraceutical industries comprised of Jamaican companies, right here in Jamaica."

Dwayne Clayton, Businessman:

"I am happy about the removal of the distribution of agricultural inputs from being the responsibility of the Members of Parliament, and the fact that it has been given solely to RADA to distribute directly to the farmers."

Ray Kerr, Farmer:

"The whole thrust towards creating an entire new industry where we develop neutraceuticals from Jamaican herbs and other plants, particularly medical marijuana."

Leonard Sharpe, contractor:

"The propagation of the Lucea yam using vine cutting techniques, because Lucea yam production is dwindling so I am happy that the yam production is being revived this way."