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Published:Tuesday | September 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Anthony Bailey
Kameil Scott
Easton Edwards
Shauirna Miller

"How do you envision the future for the youths in your community?


Kameil Scott - Agriculturist

"As long as they are given the infrastructure and resources they require and an effort is made to change their mindset. There is still hope. I think the youths have a bright future."'

Easton Edwards -Teacher

"If the parents rise to the occasion the future will be positive for the youths, but outside of that, it will be a disaster."

Shaurna Miller-Teacher

"I want to see a lot more sensible accredited training opportunities for the youths in Hanover. Because, without this right now, for most, their future looks very bleak."

Anthony Bailey - Library assistant

"I see a great future for the youths because people are stepping up in a number of areas, so this means there is hope.