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Published:Wednesday | September 7, 2016 | 12:00 AMChristopher Thomas
Candice Ming
Janel Clarke
Wilton James
Kemesha Brooks


Do you believe Jamaica's educational system is being negatively affected by the double-shift system in some schools?



"I don't think it impacts the system negatively. In fact, it sort of helps the Ministry of Education's goal of more students being afforded education, as the system was implemented because of space issues."

Candice Ming, media producer

"The shift system is having a negative impact on Jamaica's education system, as the students attending these schools have fewer hours of academic exposure, the teachers are in a rush to finish classes, and the student-teacher rap time is short. Also, there is minimal time for extra-curricular activities."

Kemesha Brooks, nursing student


"The shift system in Jamaican schools is not ideal, as all students are robbed of a full day at school. They are forced to travel at unsafe times, and each day, they have too much free time, which is spent to a large extent loitering."

Wilton James, music producer

"What the evening shift does is cause students to be out late on the roads, and that, in and of itself, has major implications. Many persons have successfully passed through this shift system, but in this day and age, it's not safe for the nation's children."

Janel Clarke, entrepreneur