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Vox Pop - Excerpts from disaster preparedness coordinators' responses given on September 30, when they were asked about their parishes' readiness for Hurricane Matthew:

Published:Tuesday | October 11, 2016 | 12:00 AMChristopher Thomas
Claudine Forbes
Tamoy Sinclair
Keneisha Stennett-Dunbar
Dion Hylton-Lewis

Claudine Forbes, disaster preparedness coordinator, St Elizabeth:

"The first responders have been placed on alert and they are in a state of readiness. Shelter managers have been placed on the alert also. The National Water Commission has informed contractors to be on the alert and on standby. Basically, we are ready. We have been preparing since yesterday."

Tamoy Sinclair, disaster preparedness coordinator, St James:

"We are making every effort to ensure that the usual procedures are being followed. We are making contact with our shelter managers and doing other logistics. We are in mission mode right now to get all the logistics together."

Keneisha Stennett-Dunbar, disaster preparedness coordinator, Hanover:

"So far, based on preliminary information, we are prepared as best we can be. Shelter managers are aware of what needs to be done. We have an ongoing drain- cleaning project, so our drains are clean."

Hilma Tate, disaster preparedness coordinator, Westmoreland :

"Fisherfolks on the cays and banks were advised to complete preparations and be on the alert to evacuate.

The community disaster response teams are also on the alert. All the agencies on the parish disaster committee are on the alert. Drain cleaning is ongoing, and the parish on a whole has been advised via local media."

Dion Hylton-Lewis, disaster preparedness coordinator, Trelawny:

"We have alerted all the agencies and shelter managers, and we will also be receiving some items from ODPEM. We had started our drain cleaning from the start of the hurricane season, so the majority of our drains have been cleaned."