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Voxpop | Do you believe the Social Development Commission is making a positive impact in your community?

Published:Thursday | October 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Aldin Smith
Horethiah Frazer
Monique Blair
Vivian James
Denique Mattis

Denyque Matthis, entrepreneur (St James):

"I do not know what they are doing. I would have to research to be able to have an informed decision."

Horethiah Frazer, asset coordinator (Trelawny):

"The SDC's presence is not felt in my community. We are struggling to build a community centre and to also get a basketball/netball court as there are no recreational activities for the youth. Members of our association usually attend their meetings over the years, but they have since stopped as it is not beneficial to us."

Adlin Smith, retired teacher (Westmoreland):

"All I can say is that I am not aware of the involvement of the SDC in the community where I live. I do not see them in my community."

Monique Blair, customer service associate (St Elizabeth)

"When I was a child, the SDC had a very influential role in my community as it relates to the police youth club. Right now, SDC is not really active in my community. It is not so much known there at the moment."

Vivian James, football coach (Hanover):

"SDC officers do not visit my community; nobody knows them. They don't do any work in my community. The only time you hear anything about SDC is when it is 20/20 cricket time."