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Voxpop - What are your expectations from your councillor who will be elected in the upcoming Local Government Election?

Published:Tuesday | November 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Latoya Samuels
Craig Moore
Doneika Delisser
Theresa Eccleston

Latoya Samuels, Falmouth division:


"My expectation for the elected councillor is to see him doing more for garbage control, and regular cleaning of the gutters, not only in the town area but surrounding areas, and partnering more with private entities to help alleviate unemployment."

Ranking of current councillor: 3/10


Theresa Eccleston, Wakefield division:


"I want to see them form an active youth group in the community, create job opportunities for community members, and set up homework centres for students. We have not seen any improvement in the road conditions over the years, and collection of garbage is poor."

Ranking of current councillor: 3/10


Doneika Delisser, Duncans division:


"I expect the councillor to stick to commitments as it relates to fulfilling promises to the people of this community. Whatever it may be, just try and stick with it; don't just go touring areas that are in need before the elections and make promises."

Ranking of current councillor: 7/10


Craig Moore, Sherwood Content division:

"I expect the councillor to stand for the people, no matter what their status, and also help to provide job opportunities for the young people. As for the current councillor, we have not seen her a lot from the time she won."

Ranking of current councillor: 4/10