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Vox pop - What kind of performance are you expecting from your new councillor?

Published:Tuesday | December 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Anthony Williams
Gary McFarlane
Kirk Tomlinson
Tamar Case-Dixon
Shenice Jones

Anthony Williams (Hanover):

"I think because my elected councillor was in his first tenure under the last regime and was unable to do much, the fact that he is under this regime means he will be able to do much more."

Gary McFarlane (Westmoreland):

"I expect the councillor to do well with the support of everyone."


Tamar Case-Dixon (Trelawny):

"I believe our division has a lot to gain as the councillor has displayed over time that she is willing to serve her people."

Kirk Tomlinson (St Elizabeth):

"My expectations of my councillor are nothing but great developments for the future. I believe she will serve the people of our division well."

Shenice Jones (St James):

"I believe our recently elected councillor is fully capable, fit, and ready to serve the populace and has proven to have great leadership qualities."