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Voxpop - Do you believe parish council officials who breach local government regulations should be impeached or sanctioned?

Published:Tuesday | December 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Wilton James
Janel Clarke
Chicconey Swaby
Tracy-ann Cunningham
Chicconey Swaby

Chicconey Swaby, social worker:

"I believe anybody who breaches the council's regulations should be sanctioned, no matter their title or what office they hold."



Janel Clarke, entrepreneur:

"In order to ensure transparency and an all-round playing field on the political front, councillors should be penalised when they breach regulations, especially those that involve monies issued to them."



Wilton James, music producer:

"Persons entrusted with the spending of public funds should be held accountable to a higher standard. Proven breaches by parish council officials should meet heavy sanctions as well as impeachment as the office is one of service and should not be abused."



Troy Oliver, guidance counsellor:

"I believe if officials are held to some consequences, then there will be greater accountability in our country. Those who are placed in positions of power must be an example to the people, and if you do the crime, you must face the consequences."



Terry-Ann Cunningham, trainee teacher:

"Yes, parish council officials must be held accountable for operating outside of the council's regulations. To hold these officials accountable would eliminate 'blame game' and result in stronger communities, developing parishes and a progressive country."