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Vox pop - What do you think the Government of Jamaica should do to assist communities to cope with traumatic experiences?

Published:Tuesday | January 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Sharon Chambers
Gary Kerr
Oshane Leon

Sharon Chambers, wellness specialist:

"Find volunteers who are professional psyc nurses, psychologists and social workers that can go into communities and facilitate government-sponsored workshops, with follow up home visits and counselling and include more multi-disciplinary staff in hospitals and clinics, to assist on an out-patient basis."

Othneil Pryce, entrepreneur:

"Counselling, social work and a general improvement in the aesthetics of the environment."

Oshane Leon, student:

"Counselling should be the first thing in order to help them in the recovery process."

Gary Kerr, chef:

"Build back the police youth clubs and through those and other community organisations, introduce a cadre of counsellors to go in the communities to do home visits and psychologists to deal with anger management, because trauma stems from a fear that cripples you."