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Published:Tuesday | January 10, 2017 | 12:14 AM
Odetta Rockhead Kerr
Yoni Epstein
Gloria Henry
Davon Crump

Stakeholders in the BPO sector have had varying views on the state of that industry during the last two years. Here are some of their comments.


Davon Crump, CEO, Global Outsourcing Solutions Limited:

"We are losing businesses to other countries because the Government doesn't see the importance of this sector ... I know we have lost call centres to other countries because they are more competitive than Jamaica."


Gloria Henry, President- Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

"Any country that provides an opportunity for them to benefit from lower costs is attractive ... Africa is building out their outsourcing network as well, and their costs in terms of labour might be lower."

Yoni Epstein, 1st Vice-President BPIAJ:

"If Jamaica is serious about growing this industry, the barriers to entry need to be removed in order to give it the wings and strength it needs to grow."


Odetta Rockhead Kerr, Country Head and associate vice-president at Sutherland Global Services:

"Instead of tourism stakeholders having a challenge with the point, what they should look at is the fact that every month at least 50 (BPO) knowledge-transfer experts or clients are staying in their hotels, because the BPO industry is here."