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Mandingo Youth Club promises more humanitarian work in 2017

Published:Friday | January 13, 2017 | 12:00 AMOkoye Henry
Residents busily repainting a section of the road markings on the main road in Mt Salem recently.

Members of the Mandingo Youth Club in Mt Salem, St James, recently conducted a rehabilitation project in the community, which included the repainting of a pedestrian crossing and stop lines to facilitate students of the Mt Salem Primary and Junior High School.

The project was implemented last week ahead of the new school term, in partnership with residents and representatives of the Child Development Centre (CDC). "The crosswalk badly needed to be repaired and we did not want to wait until Labour Day to do it, so we got people in the community to come out and help," explained Floyd Foster, president of Mandingo Youth Club.

The rehabilitative work is just one of the recent humanitarian activities undertaken by the club over the past few weeks. In December, its members hosted a Christmas and back-to-school treat for scores of at-risk and disadvantaged youth living in the community. The children were treated to a day of wholesome family fun by being awarded gifts and indulging in various games and talent shows, among other forms of entertainment. In addition, a counselling session was held where the youngsters were exposed to anti-crime and anti-violence messages.




"We will never stop championing to curb violence in the community," said Foster.

"With all the crime and violence surrounding Montego Bay and the community, we look for kids to get involved in this club, and look for others as well who are trying to make a difference or change," he added.

Among the other projects the club has been undertaking is one providing assistance to youth to enrol in vocational training. Foster said he would be focusing on increasing its membership and undertaking fundraising events for both the less fortunate and the elderly.

"Despite the violence, we aim to do more in 2017 and motivate everyone to push forward as we try to make Mt Salem and the wider St James safer," said Foster.