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Published:Tuesday | January 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Angela Haye
Cleveland Wright
Taleeni Francis
Trevor Craig

Would you support the aborting of the domestic senior football competitions in Hanover in light of the incidents of crime?

Taleeni Francis, commanding officer, Hanover Emergency Medical Services

"No. Because even though crime is rising, football is one of the activities that keeps the communities together. Aborting the leagues would have a more negative effect and cause more crime. People feel safer going to a match, especially since no permits are being given for night activities."

Trevor Craig, football coach

"Yes. We could then concentrate on the under-16 and under-15 youngsters instead. Postpone the senior competitions for two to three years because right now we do not have a junior league. By then, we would have a new crop of players."

Cleveland Wright, president, Hanover Parish Development Committee

"No. Why would we want to give up our social interaction because of crime? We cannot kill sports because of crime. We as leaders have to go in and find out and solve the problem - Church and everybody. If we back off everything, should we lock down church and schools, too?"

Angela Haye, principal, Hanover Educational Institute

"No. I don't believe in stopping the leagues. Put strategies in place to ensure the footballers and everyone's safety. We need to continue as much as possible with our daily routine. It is important to show strength and courage in the face of adversity."