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Vox Pop | What are your sentiments regarding the proposal to relocate the fountain in Sam Sharpe Square in order to ease traffic congestion in Montego Bay?

Published:Friday | January 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Marie Barrett
Adrianne Gray
Kalilah Kennedy
Serena Grant

Kay Marie Barrett, teacher:

Removing the fountain will not ease the traffic. What is needed is a bypass that will allow commuters who have no business in the town to be on their way without creating a gridlock ... . There needs to be some form of penalty for pedestrians who continue to cross the streets even when the lights are on green.

Serena Grant, administrator:

I don't know what to make of that proposal yet. Yes, the traffic is horrible in MoBay, especially during peak hours, but will moving the fountain make a significant difference? I am not sure.

Kalilah Kennedy, student:

Sam Sharpe Square won't be Parade without it. They should find other solutions. Plus, traffic is going to always be on the streets, it makes no difference to move the fountain. It will change nothing.

Adrianne Gray, graphics designer:

I believe this proposal is complete rubbish. Other ideas should be looked at first before making such a drastic change ... . It is clear that previous traffic changes that were done led most of the traffic to St James Street and its connecting streets, hence making them congested.