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Hanover artistes to march for peace on Friday - voice anti-violence song

Published:Monday | January 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Recording artistes from Hanover do a rendition of their song "Hanover we cry" at the Nuchie Recording Studio in Lucea recently.

A total of 15 recording artistes from Lucea and other areas throughout Hanover have come together to use their craft and influence to call for peace in the parish, which has been plagued by murders over the last few months.

The effort, which is being spearheaded by music producer and recording artiste Darren 'Nuchie' Grant, includes a peace march and concert this Friday, and the official release of a song and an accompanying video titled Hanover We Cry, which is a social commentary on the crime situation affecting the parish, which, up to a 15 years ago, had the distinction of being Jamaica's safest.

"The incident that happened last week in Williamsfield, which involved the murder of a one-year-old and the four-year-old promoted this call for action," Grant told Western Focus. It is very bad when we start killing little kids. That is what pushed me because things are really getting out of hand. I came up with the idea and said I wanted to do my part, and that was through music."

The other artistes on the track include vocalists Sash, Shyana, Rich Dinero, Riley X, DaOne, Lee Mac, Tripple J, Nazi, Keno Don, G-Macoy, J Vybz, D'Junio, Lee Mac and Dermy Dee.

Friday's march begins at 11:00 a.m., starting at the intersection at Brissett and the Riley Bridge, to the Lucea town centre, and it culminates, with the concert at the Lucea Municipal Bus Park.




The march has also garnered the support churches within the area and the Hanover Municipal Corporation. Councillor of the Lucea Division, Easton Edwards, who is also a schoolteacher, told Western Focus that he was highly supportive of the initiative as he, too, was petrified about the crime situation which appears out of control.

"I was called by Nuchie, who wanted someone from the political arena to join in the call to stop the rampage going on in the parish, so I was asked to say something on their video. I have been living in this town for 26 years and I know Lucea to be a peaceful place, a place of opportunity, and to see it being number one in crime in this country - nobody could vision that that would happen. Anything to eliminate crime, to bring back this parish to what it was, I want to be a part of it,' Edwards said.