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Published:Tuesday | January 31, 2017 | 12:16 AMClaudia Gardner
Karl Samuda
Derrick Kellier
Peter Espeut
Dr Christopher Tufton

Western Focus looks back at some comments made by major stakeholders in the agriculture and environment sectors regarding Jamaica's fisheries subsector over the years:


"When we talk about the fishing industry, let's not forget that this is a vast and important industry. Globally, this industry is worth US$136 billion. Jamaica has only a small slice of that, with our total production valued at US$86.84 million.

- Karl Samuda - Post Fisheries Industry Retreat, June, 2016

"We have overexploited our reef fishery resources, and the industry is suffering as a consequence."

- Former Minister of Agriculture Christopher Tufton, Budget Presentation, 2008


"Of course, the forests, fish, and coral reefs of Jamaica are sorely depleted because of government slackness ... . Jamaica has the most overfished waters in the Caribbean (and maybe the world).

- Peter Espeut, January 2011


"The fisheries sector remains an important source of livelihood for thousands of Jamaicans, and we have a God-given responsibility to manage our large endowment of fishery resources in a sustainable way,"

- Former agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Derrick Kellier, Sectoral Debate, 2015-2016